What is SEO and what does an SEO agency do?

Search engine optimization – this word has been haunting the Internet for several years. No website operator can avoid it and this solely for the reason that search engines have become indispensable in the modern Internet. But what does an Online Marketing Agentur, like Pixelwerker, actually do?

What is a search engine?

In principle, everyone knows what a search engine is, right? Everybody thinks of at least one search engine and we use it almost every day. But the question is not easy to answer. At least not from the point of view of a website operator. The search engine is also the source of success. If someone enters a search word (keyword) in a search engine, a machine is set in motion that searches for its equal.

Huge computing power is provided to provide the user with the right result. If the search engine finds several 1000 results, it is difficult to sort these results. The goal of every webmaster should be to appear as high as possible in the result list. This principle applies not only to each web page, but to each search term and each individual search, which is transacted in the Internet.

A lot of work and knowledge is necessary to reach the goal of getting as high as possible in the results. Google alone has over 200 ranking factors (factors that influence search results) that are responsible for where your site appears. Rarely is this the first page of the results. SEO is the term that becomes interesting at this point. SEO includes all measures that lead to the search results for your own website being better. Also Google Adwords are important for SEO but here it is better to turn to an adwords agentur.

What is an SEO agency?

An SEO agentur like Pixelwerker, deals with all the measures necessary to positively influence the search results. An SEO agency usually offers comprehensive SEO consulting. This SEO consultation includes a comprehensive consultation about which measures are necessary to appear with a certain keyword accordingly on higher places.

The SEO agency usually also offers a service itself, which improves the own website as fast as possible in the search results. Moreover you can use SEO für Kleinunternehmen.

What are the benefits of improved search results?

People who use search engines to find their own website usually correspond to their own target group. The prerequisite is that one refines one’s optimizations in such a way that the users are directed to one’s own page by special search terms.

The more users are present on the site, the higher the success of the site at the end. Especially with search engines, the exact target group is usually found (people don’t search for certain terms for free). The SEO Agency is also responsible for link building, i.e. the creation of links.

An SEO agency can bring users to its website through good SEO consulting and professional expertise. The result is an automatic success for the website. SEO is one of the most important and at the same time one of the most complicated measures a webmaster has to deal with.

Seldom does a blogger or a website operator have the knowledge that a specialist of an SEO agency has. So a detailed SEO consultation should be taken up and an SEO agency should be assigned to promote the own Internet side in the search results upward. Try it out.