Professions in which you can work independently

If, for example, you are employed in a bar and don’t get enough money there, another part-time Job is very suitable. In this way, you can ensure that you have enough money available in the long run. Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities to start your own business next to a full-time job and this part-time activity might be your main activity later on. But there lots of variations of professions in which you can work independently.

Swingwell is often on tour and can therefore not do a part-time job where it is necessary to be constantly on the spot. That’s why jobs on the Internet are particularly suitable. Because digitalisation offers a variety of possibilities to take a different path there.


Digitalization has opened up the most exciting job opportunities for us today, in online marketing, web design and many more.

Web Design

For example, we at Swingwell also have the opportunity to pursue another sideline activity. For us at Swingwell, for example, it is very important to have an optimized website. You can also help other companies to further improve their website.
Nowadays, much more expertise is required to customize an appealing and functional website. Basically, this requires creativity. That means you should have a good technical knowledge. In general, the profession of web designer is not a legally protected professional title, so this term can be used without problems.

Requirements in the context of business start-ups

In the last years the job description of a web designer has changed a lot. Nowadays a web designer has to know a lot about a lot of programs. That means he should have a sound knowledge of HTML, SQL, Flash, CSS and Java Script. This includes further knowledge in the field of image processing programs as well as film processing programs. Every Unternehmen has started as a Start Up.

You should also have worked with content management systems such as WordPress. In addition, sound knowledge in marketing, search engine optimization and advertising is required. You should also have business knowledge in order to be able to create offers and invoices. Because also important knowledge of the bookkeeping as well as tax declaration should be clear.

Job at Swingwell

You are also welcome to apply for a job as a web designer. You should send us your application as soon as possible. The special thing is the independence as a web designer. As a web designer you can get a quick professional start and have hardly any investment costs. In addition, the profession should not be underestimated. We transfer a lot of responsibility to you. The field of web design is unbelievably versatile, so take a look at our applicant guide and decide for a job with us.