Favourite devices during our travels

During our travels we use certain household appliances particularly often. Now we would like to introduce them to you. First you will learn which of our favourite household appliances are used during our travels. So here you can see our favorite devices during our travels.


Because we produce our own cocktails, a good juicer is of course indispensable for our business. The juicer is also regularly used in other activities. You should make sure that your Entsafter is of high quality. This is because low-quality juicers often have less function and fail more quickly. In addition, they must be easy to operate. Before you do this, you should also thoroughly examine the ingredients. You should always check in advance whether you are allowed to use seeds with fruit for your juicer.

Why do we prefer the juice we make ourselves?

As a rule, we prefer the homemade Say because it is healthier. It does not contain any harmful industrial substances or sugar. Furthermore, it does not contain any industrial flavour enhancers or any preservatives. The ingredients are also juiced cold and important vitamins from fruit and vegetables can be retained.

For us it is of course particularly important to have a very good freezer. So that we can store all our cocktails in the best possible way. This is particularly important for our varied selection. The freezer can be used particularly well for freezing food. This is because food normally stays fresh in the freezer for a very long time.

In addition, since we travel a lot, it also offers us the opportunity to precook something in a particularly large quantity. In addition, precooking in these large quantities saves a lot of time, which in turn can be used for other purposes.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying freezers?

Consumers can, for example, also identify various Gefrierschrank, chests or a fridge-freezer combination. It is therefore important to consider how large the household is and what quantities of products should be frozen.

Slush ice machine

A highlight for us, however, is the Slush Eismaschine. This machine can also be used to improve one or the other alcoholic drink. That’s why we regularly make ice cream with our Slush Ice Machine. But the slush can also be used as a dessert or as a small refreshment. The slush is also a little highlight for children. So not only the adults benefit from our delivery, but also the little ones. Slushes are a big hit at big events. Therefore it is all the more special that you can also enjoy the slushee machine with us.

In principle, ice machines are not suitable for domestic use.
For us our slush ice machine is indispensable. Because on the one hand we can use them for our business but at the same time also privately.
Favourite equipment during our travels