Tour with pets

We from Swingwell are often on the road with our car, because we want to deliver the alcoholic beverages to our guests in the best possible way. However, we have a weakness for pets. Therefore we simply take a tour with the Haustieren.


On the one hand we own a small aquarium directly in our tour bus. In our tour bus we first stop some of the famous goldfish and others. The Aqua category is also an important component for us.


We also love to have our dog around us. That’s why he always accompanies us on our travels. Our Hund loves to travel with us. Moreover we use an extra Hundekorb kaufen and an extra dog planket.
What you should keep in mind during a camping holiday with your dog
Go camping with your four-legged friend is particularly exciting for you. That’s why you should enjoy the time together and want to be out in nature a lot.


Before you travel with your dog, you should practice at the same time. The dogs should always be used to driving from the beginning. Practice should always start a few weeks before the planned journey. This means that you should find a safe place. At this safe place your dog should be able to sit and/or lie well.

Furthermore, you should behave neutrally in the vehicle. Even if your dog starts to whine, you should not pay too much attention to him all the time. Otherwise your dog will suspect that something is wrong, even though everything is fine with you.

Camping site

We usually choose a campsite beforehand, which is especially suitable for dogs. Because on special dog places one gets partly even accessories sent, so that the dog can let off steam there also still. In addition, it is most relaxed for our dog ourselves as the owner. Because only so we do not need to worry also about our dog constantly.

Rabbit in the enclosure

Also rabbits in the enclosure can be taken along if necessary. However, you have to take certain measures. The rabbit enclosure should be sufficiently secured for the time being. The protection of the enclosure is particularly relevant here.


At Swing Well, we think it’s a great opportunity to take your pets with you wherever you go. This way we can spend a lot of time on our business and have enough time for our family and animals. Whereby animals act of course somewhere like a human being.