The Cocktail Renaissance: A History in Three Drinks

June 28th | Sunday | 2:00PM to 3:30PM

The cocktail renaissance is well into its second decade, and shows no signs of slowing down. Join Paul Clarke—the executive editor of Imbibe magazine, who founded the pioneering cocktail blog The Cocktail Chronicles in 2005—for a look at his brand-new book, The Cocktail Chronicles: Navigating the Cocktail Renaissance with Jigger, Shaker & Glass (Spring House Press), which offers a snapshot and an exploration of a culinary revolution in progress.


This session will trace the early origins of a bibulous reawakening; delve into the early 21st century days of discovery, a time when bartenders, historians and cocktail enthusiasts began to fully embrace the promise of the craft cocktail; and peer into the future at the many paths the cocktail renaissance could follow. And since cocktail history is a hands-on endeavor, we’ll be serving cocktails that reflect and embody this ongoing drinks revolution.


All participants will receive a signed copy of The Cocktail Chronicles as part of the ticket price. The books are being sent directly to Rob Roy from the printer (we’ll even have them before Amazon!), so event participants will be the very first to get a copy of Clarke’s book, drawn from his experiences and insights developed over a decade of drinks journalism.


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Ticket includes book, seminar, cocktails, and early admittance to the Happy Hour party that starts at 4pm



Cocktail Bartending 101 and Cocktail Bartending 102 

Whether you are talking about art, athletics, industry, or beverages, a good foundation is essential to those looking to build upon their skill. This class is geared towards the amateur bartender looking to take their game to the next level. Ticket price includes a curated bar tool kit for each attendee. Taught by Anu Apte, award-winning bartender and founder of Swig Well or an esteemed Bartender from Rob Roy.  Price: $75 for single class, $140 for a two class series.


June 27th Bartending 101 with Kathleen Manley $75. Buy tickets here!

July 11th - Bartending 101 with Kathleen Manley $75. Buy tickets here!

July 12th - Bartending 102 with Brady Sprouse $75. Buy tickets here!

July 11th/12the series $140 Buy tickets here!

July 18th - Bartending 101 with Jesse Cyr $75 Buy tickets here!

July 19th - Bartending 102 with Jesse Cyr $75 Buy tickets here!

July18th/19th series $140 Buy tickets here!